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The most up-to-date Guide for Uber Interviews: Last update of questions: 01/06/2018 (January 6th)

We only specialize on the Uber Interviews, that's why we are so good at it!
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Will your success at the Uber Analytics Test be left to chance?

Uber (www.uber.com) has already become one of the coolest companies to work for and everyone is talking about Uber! So, congratulations on getting an interview with them!

After the initial screening stage of their famous interview process, Uber wants the potential candidates to complete a 32-questions online analytical exam (or a 20 questions version of it), or a 10 questions quiz to test various skills (we cover them all).

It is not a secret that many otherwise promising candidates fail this challenging analytical test and thus not get a job offer... Do you want to see what kinds of questions they ask, study for the test and pass with an impressive score?

To help you easily pass the Uber Interview Analytical Test, we have created a question & answer study guide complete with the 2 CSV files and essay questions! This guide is useful for all open positions of Uber globally. Scroll down for more info...

The No. 1 Guide to Uber Analytics Test & Interviews
Chosen by thousands of applicants!

Uber Interview Test Guide

Last update of questions: 01/06/2018 (January 6th)

Questions in this study guide are created by real test takers who have seen all of the actual questions that are asked in Uber Analytical Tests (hence the screenshot above). This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Uber Inc. The questions, csv files and the Guide are not created by Uber Inc.

**Version 3.1 Update**: Uber significantly updated the test and the csv files in late 2016. The test is now called "Uber Analytics Test version 3.1". Our material now covers the updated test! You can find more info about this new version in our Quora answer here.

**Version 6.16 Update**: As of January 2018, our Uber Interview Guide (Complete Package) now covers the version 6.16 of the analytics test as well!

2018 JANUARY UPDATE: In the January 2018 edition of the Uber Interview Guide, in addition to the standard questions asked to all global candidates, we have added specific questions (both quantitative and essays) that are asked to the candidates in Mexico, Brazil, US, UK, Far East and Australia, as well as specific questions for global 'Special Projects / Uber Everything' and 'MBA Graduate' roles.

NEW SERVICES UPDATE: We now also have added tips/tricks & guides for answering the open ended/essay questions for the UberEATS, UberPOOL, UberRUSH and recently launched Uber EVERYTHING services in the Uber Interview Guide (available in the Complete and the Coaching Packages).

**2 Online Tests!**: We now provide two online tests from the website Uber used for the real analytics test in our interview guides. You will now be able to practice the analytical test in exactly the same setting as the real Uber test. More info in the "Online Test" section below.

PHONE INTERVIEWS: Our Complete Package now includes important details of Uber's operations that will be useful for you in the initial phone screening interview. Do not get eliminated at the initial phone interview stage: Show your Uber knowledge to the recruiter and maximize your chances of progressing through!

Thank You!

As the A Step Ahead Team - the creator of the Uber Interview Guide - we would like to thank all of our customers for their support and trust to our Uber Interview Guides for the last 3 years. Since March 2015, we have sold thousands of Uber interview guides to candidates all around the world, with our Complete Package leading the sales with customers from more than 60 countries!

What started as a simple pdf interview guide business now has transformed into a fully fledged company with a team dedicated to provide Uber job candidates the best possible preparation for their interviews with our interview guides covering online practice tests, Uber's latest operational details, a meticulous interview excel guide and much more.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of candidates to get job offers from Uber. Uber is a great company to work for and thus it has a very competitive interview process. As the original publisher of the Uber Interview Guides, our team is committed to providing the best and most up-to-date interview prep guide for the candidates.

Good luck in your interviews!

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He is now the global coordinator of the A Step Ahead publishing group (www.stphd.com), creators of the Uber Interview Guide.
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What You'll Learn

By practising with the csv's and latest questions before you take the test, passing the Analytical Test will be much easier. In the question & answer sections of the study guide we prepared, you will find the multiple choice and open ended questions and their answers and/or tips&tricks. The questions in this guide are created from ground-up in a manner that is meant to replicate the experience of the real test. We also provided a lot of extra information to give you a piece of mind while having the test such as Uber's operation details you need to know for the test and an extensive essay questions section!

To answer the most common question: During any given week, it is basically the same 32 questions test for everybody for all global regions (or the 20 questions version), but the questions change every few weeks. The multiple choice questions are changing frequently, so it is important to get an up-to-date study guide. The 10 questions/30 minutes "Quiz" used in the "expedited interviews" is a bit different: They are mostly probability/permutation questions with no csv support files. Thanks to the test takers we work together we are constantly updating the sample questions covering all types of tests. So when you buy the test, you are guaranteed to get the latest set! (Questions last updated on January 6th, 2018)

As the No. 1 provider of the Uber Interview Analytics Test Guide for more than a year, we are constantly in touch with candidates. Based on their feedback, we have also created an online test to replicate the real test taking experience. Along with our Pivot Table/Excel setup section and essay questions/operational essentials section, the online test proved to be our customers' favourite part in the Guide!

Do it with confidence
We devoted a full chapter to the Pivot Table, explaining it and showing how to set it up quickly. CSV files can be tricky, so we also have a section that guides you step by step on how to open the csv files in excel properly formatted quickly!
Know your vocabulary
We listed all the necessary terms that are used in the test (what are eyeballs?) and their detailed explanations in the guide so that you won't struggle with getting familiar with the new concepts during the test. Time is precious!
essential details!
Understand how Uber operate with essential tips & tricks you must know for the test. Cover every angle: understand how the operations work from the user's, employee's and driver's points of views for different scenarios.
we cover them all!
We have perfected the sample test (of an imaginary company) covering the 32 questions to get you prepared for the test in the best way possible. We are sure that you'll pass the test, so we added a list of "final interview stage questions" at the end.

Essay & Open Ended Questions

Math skills / excel analysis questions are not easy, you have to make sure that you answer (almost) all of them correctly to maximise your chance of getting the minimum required score of 70 (out of 100) in the test. That's why we have created an extensive guide to math/excel/analysis questions with tests, csv files and detailed answers.

But Uber's analytics test does not only contain math questions. Depending on your region/role, you will also get 2-4 open ended essay questions in the test. It is estimated that, depending on the region, 4 essay questions account for 30-40 points out of the 100 points total.

Number of essay and open ended questions are small compared to the math questions, but; their weights are higher, they need elaborate thinking and they take more time to answer. Elegantly written effective answers to essay questions give you an advantage in the later stages of the interviews as well (recruiters kick-off the in-person interviews thinking highly of you even before you start to speak).

Essay questions are your "communication tools" with the recruiters so you need to be very effective and make the most of it when answering those. Similar day-to-day operations questions are used also in the in-person interviews. So we have created a special section with detailed tips&tricks and proven sample answers for analytics test essay questions and open ended operations questions for you to make an impression. By studying this section, you will be geared up to tackle questions such as:

  •   An Uber competitor launches in your city with virtually unlimited funds. How would you prevent it taking Uber's drivers and customers?
  •   If we ask you to find us 100 new drivers this mont, what steps you would take from start?
  •   Write an email to drivers to convince them to become online for more hours.
  •   There is a hostage crisis and Surge Pricing kicks in. Users are unhappy and there is a media frenzy. What do you do?
  •   Write a formal response to city officials who are claiming Uber disadvantages older drivers unfamiliar with technology.
  •   We are are launching a new service: UberPlatinum with 20% commission. How do you convince an UberBlack driver that works with %15 commission to switch to UberPlatinum? What metrics do you need to convince him?
  •   A competitor offers Uber drivers to work for them for only %10 commission (versus our %20). Write an email to the drivers to convince them to stay with Uber.
  •   What obstacles do you expect to face if you bring Uber to your city? What are your solutions?
  •   We need to recruit UberPop drivers fast. Who can they be and where do you find them?
  •   Ridesharing and marketplace economies (Homejoy, Lyft, Instacart), business models and legal issues.
  •   UberEATS: Write an email to a restaurant to convince them to join the UberEATS service.
  •   UberEATS: Justify the UberEATS extra delivery cost to a customer in 4 sentences of less.
  •   UberPOOL: Make an analysis of the upcoming UberPOOL service and list different barriers for the business.

Overview of Chapters

Below you will find the list of sections/chapters in the guide. Following this section, you can also see a snapshot image of all pages of the "Interview Guide" together below this list.

Chapter One

Disclaimer & Before the Test

This section consists of legal information, disclaimer and some things we suggest you do before taking the test..

Chapter Two

CSV & Excel

This section explains how to open the analytical test csv files properly formatted in Excel.

Chapter Three

Pivot Table

What is a Pivot Table and how to setup one for this test. Step by step instructions and explanations are provided.

Chapter Four

Uber Terms

This section covers the most common terms related with Uber operations that is essential for the test.

Chapter Five

Operational Concepts

In this chapter, we present operational concepts that stakeholders face on a daily basis that you also must know for the test.

Chapter Six

How to Tackle the Essays

Answers to open ended questions can make or brake your results! Here you will find the tested and tried tips & tricks with sample answers.

Chapter Seven

32 Questions Analytical Test

A perfect sample test that replicates the experience of the real test! Created by real test takers. Also includes detailed solutions.

Chapter Eight

Extra Materials

The 10 questions/30 minutes quiz questions & solutions + The link for the 2nd online test + Questions you will likely be asked in the next stages.


Uber uses a website (hackerrank.com or classmarker.com) to administer it's analytics test. Once you open the link Uber sends you for the test, you are taken to the online test website. There you see the test instructions: The test is 2 hours long, there are 32 questions of various types and other relevant info. Once you click the "Start the Test" button the countdown timer starts immediately and thus you start the test.

We now have created an online test on one of the websites Uber uses, to provide the exact same experience as taking the real test from Uber. All the settings, constraints are the same. You now have the option to replicate the experience of taking the real test in the exactly same environment, solving the 32 questions test in 2 hours on the same website.

Right after completing the online Uber analytics test we created, your answers will be graded and your score will be shown to you: you will see your performance and areas of improvement immediately.

Practice for the test as if you are taking the real Uber analytics test!

Online Test

The link for the online test and the necessary password is provided in the pdf files that come with the Complete Package and the Coaching Package purchases.

2nd ONLINE TEST: For the candidates who like to push themselves further by solving even harder sample Uber analytics test questions, we have added an additional online test from classmarker.com. The test uses the same excel(csv) files, but is composed of significantly more challenging questions for the candidates who want to prepare for the test in the best way possible.
The 2nd test is only available in Complete and Coaching Packages and the link and the password to the test is provided in the pdf files you will download. As our original sample online test, you will be able to see your grade immediately after you finish the test. Only answers are provided for the second test and you will be able to see them after you complete the test.

Purchase Uber Interview Analytical Test Guide

NEW: %100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: In the very unlikely event of failing to pass to the next round of interviews due to low test score, we will immediately refund your payment. No questions asked - just send us a screenshot of the email from the Uber recruiter (refund option is available only for the Complete Package purchases. Please note that your purchase email and the email that Uber sends it's test results should be the same for identity verification purposes).

Online Test Package


(Updated for Analytics Test version 3.1)

(Updated for Analytics Test version 6.16)


32 questions Online Analytics Test

+ 2 csv data files (downloaded during the online test)


This package includes a link & password to a 2 hour online timed test that has the same structure, look & feel as the Uber's test format and it is based on the structure of the real questions.


Practice in the same setting as Uber's Online Analytics Test as if you are taking the real Uber Analytics test!


Last updated on: 01/06/2018 (Saturday)

Best for the candidates who want to replicate the experience of taking the real test.

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(Updated for Analytics Test version 3.1)

(Updated for Analytics Test version 6.16)

Contains both the Test Package

and the "Interview Guide":

+ Pivot Table & CSV Setup Guide

+ Uber's operation details you must know for the real test

+ Uber's terms & explanations

+ Detailed solutions of questions with graphs, charts and screenshots

+ Detailed "Essay" section


+ 2nd (Extra) (harder) ONLINE TEST


Last updated on: 01/06/2018 (Saturday)

Everything you need to pass the analytical test easily. A well-worth investment for an opportunity to work at Uber.

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