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Congratulations! You have decided to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam to increase your proficiency in mobile/website analytics and possibly help you in your current job. (or in your job search!)

As a small group of previous Google Employees and Google Analytics experts, we have created the Only Guide You Will Ever Need to Pass The Google Analytics Test!
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This 45 page test guide includes questions, detailed answers and related Google Help Center links. We have created 70 questions accurately representing the most current GAIQ 2017 Exam.


Google Analytics Test Guide


Important: Google changed the format of the test at the beginning of 2016 and many websites on the internet are referring to the old test and are outdated. A couple of important changes you should be aware of:

  • Access to the test have been moved to
  • The test is now free (previously it was 50 USD per test).
  • You can not pause the test, or mark a question for review, or come back to it later anymore.
  • The test is now harder!
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    A short message from Özgür Ünlü

    Özgür is an ex-Googler and the previous Digital Marketing Head of HSBC Bank.
    He is now the global coordinator of the A Step Ahead publishing group (, creators of the Google Analytics Certification Prep Guide.
    You can reach and say hello to him at his LinkedIn profile page at:

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    What You'll Learn

    By practising with the GA Test Study Guide we prepared before you take the test, passing the Individual Qualification test will be much easier. In the question & answer sections of the study guide we prepared, you will find multiple choice questions and their answers, and also the exact Google Help Center links that give you the answer. But that's not it. We also provided some useful extra information to give you a piece of mind while having the test.

    To answer the most common question: Yes it is basically the same test for everybody for all global regions. Google changes around 15% of the questions every 4 months. Thanks to the test takers we work together, we constantly update our questions to reflect the latest set. (Questions last updated on 11th of January 2017)

    Do it with confidence
    Not only we have provided detailed answers to the questions, we've also listed Google Help Center links of the answers: When you complete the test and read through the help center links, you will be 100% ready for the test!
    Know your vocabulary
    We listed all the necessary terms that are used in the test (what is a cohort analysis?) and their descriptions in the guide so that you don't struggle with getting familiar with the new concepts during the test. Time is precious!
    Do it your Way!
    Besides the 45 page study guide that includes questions and the answers back to back, you'll get 2 more documents: One of them consists of the questions only, the other consists of the answers only. So if you want to solve the questions as a timed test and check the answers later, you can!

    Overview of Chapters

    Below you will find the list of sections/chapters in the guide. Following this section, you can also see a snapshot image of all pages together of the Test Guide and a sample question & answer page.

    Chapter One


    This 1 page section consists of legal information, copyright information and the disclaimer.

    Chapter Two

    Before the Test

    Some guidelines and the things we suggest you do before taking the test.

    Chapter Three

    Analytics Terms

    This section covers the most common terms related with Google Analytics that are also useful for the test.

    Chapter Four

    Questions & Answers

    In this chapter, we present the multiple choice questions and their answers.

    Sample Question & Answer Page


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    This is the only guide you will need to pass the Google Analytics IQ Test!

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